Continuing Professional Development Funding for Physician Associates

June 15 2021

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As you may be aware, Health Education England [HEE] offer an education support payment to employers of Physician Associates [PAs] undertaking the HEE GP preceptorship programme. This offer currently applies to PAs entering employment in the primary care sector [both newly qualified and new to primary care], subject to the employer meeting the HEE eligibility criteria.

HEE South East is aware that there are PAs working in Primary Care who were unable to attract the HEE funding during their preceptorship year. For this group of PAs, HEE South East is offering education support funding up to £2,000 per PA, subject to the following conditions:

A £1,000 support grant is available to employers of a PA that:

    1. Qualified no earlier than January 2018, and no later than May 2020 [PA’s who qualified since May 2020 can apply for 2021-2022 HEE South East preceptorship funding – please contact for details];
    2. Is registered on the PA Managed Voluntary Register [PAMVR];
    3. Is still employed by a GP practice / Primary Care Network; and
    4. Has not already attracted HEE PA preceptorship funding, either with their current or any other employer.

Up to a further £1,000 is available to support continuing professional development (CPD) for eligible PAs. This can be provided retrospectively for education and training already attended, or used to fund future CPD. To attract this funding, the above criteria must be met, and we will also require:

  1. Evidence of the course attended or booked; and
  2. Confirmation that funds will be spent by 31 March 2022.

If you would like to apply for this funding, please contact  confirming that you PA meets the criteria outlined above, and providing evidence of CPD purchased as appropriate.

If you have any queries or would like additional information, please contact