Frimley Personalised Care Programme

July 21 2022

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Frimley Health and Care ICS aims to empower our local population to take more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing by working together with our partner organisations to support them to make healthier choices, manage their own conditions and have better health outcomes and address health inequalities.

Personalisation and what really matters to our patients is a golden thread to improve health outcomes and address health inequalities. Personalisation can address inequalities in health and social care supporting disadvantaged or vulnerable groups working in partnership to ensure that care is reaching those who could benefit the most and face the greatest health inequalities. Our aim is to identify and work with those patients who will benefit from this and with support aim to reduce health inequalities increasing choice and control, increasing the knowledge, skills, and confidence of people, to improving outcomes for people.

Our learning journey which is aimed at enabling our colleagues and partners to affect this change, starts with the rollout of this programme, which will cover the modules listed below:

  1. Personalised Care & Support Planning Course Overview. Booking links: 17th August, 8th September, 19th September
  2. Foundations of Health Coaching Course Overview. Booking links: 8th September, 20th September
  3. Mental Health First Aid Course Overview. Booking links:  24th August, 15th September, 22nd September
  4. Motivational Interviewing Course Overview. Booking links: 9th August, 15th September, 29th September
  5. Shared Decision Making – Coming soon
  6. Making Every Contact Count Course Overview. Booking Links: 25th August, 7th September
  7. Patient Activation Course Overview. Booking Links: 16th August

All seven modules will be run regularly via Zoom over the next few months and are open to all Frimley Primary Care Colleagues and Partners who have contact with our patients. We encourage you to have a look at the course content for these modules and register to attend those that are applicable to your role and level of patient engagement and treatment.

How to Book

Please complete the form below to book your space. Attendee information and supporting documentation will be sent out by DNA Insight once your programme date has been confirmed.

NOTE: If you have recently completed or are booked on to one of the Social Prescriber, Care Coordinator or Health Coach Plus programmes, then the only module listed above you will need to undertake is Mental Health First Aid as the rest of the content from the other six modules is covered within the programme. For more information about these programmes, please get in touch with us via email.


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Making Every Contact Count
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