GP Assistant Programme

March 16 2021

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Frimley Training Hub, in partnership with HEE South East are currently recruiting candidates to train as GP Assistants, a brand new role that has been developed to support practices in general admin and clinical duties.


GP assistants will be trained to :

  • Sorting all clinical post and prioritising
  • Extracting all information from clinical letters that needs coding
  • Dealing with all routine clinical post directly e.g. DNA letters, 2WW etc.
  • Arranging appointments, referrals and follow up appointments of patients
  • Preparing patients prior to going in to see the GP, taking a brief history and basic readings in readiness for the GP appointment.
  • Dipping urine, taking blood pressure, ECGs & phlebotomy
  • Completing basic (non-opinion) forms for the GP to approve and sign such as insurance forms, mortgage forms e.g. ESA113 etc
  • Explaining treatment procedures to patients including arranging follow up appointments
  • Helping the GP liaise with outside agencies i.e. getting an on call doctor on the phone to ask advice or arrange admission while the GP can continue with their consultation(s)
  • Support the GP with immunisations/wound care


Pilots where they have been introduced the role, have shown great impact on time-saving for GPs:

GPA’s are being used two to five times a week decreasing the GP’s workload on average per week by:

  • 2hrs – Providing information/filling in benefit forms e.g. fit notes
  • 1.75hrs – Providing information/filling in forms eg. life insurance, fitness forms & other private
  • 2.25hrs – Requesting further tests or investigations (excluding x-rays)
  • 2hrs – Completing prescriptions
  • 1.5hrs – Requesting x-rays or other radiology forms
  • 1.75hrs – Referring patients to hospital for outpatient care
  • 2.25hrs – Referring patients to community care
  • 2hrs – Completing patient notes
  • 2hrs – Completing business tasks associated with running the GP practice
  • 3hrs – Other administrative tasks

The GPA’s have also brought advantages to their practices by:

  • Reducing the hours GP’s work over their contacted hours
  • Reducing the time GP’s spend on administrative tasks
  • Reducing the average waiting time for patients
  • Creating more job satisfaction for the team
  • Creating more patient satisfaction
  • Having an impact on QOF
  • Improving efficiency in patient management tasks


We have included a variety of resources in this pack to answer any questions you may have regarding this new role:

If you are interested in this and have a candidate that you would like to put forward for this programme, please complete the attached application form and send it back to by 31st March 2021. Although applications only close on 24th April, if we submit earlier we may get allocated more places.


This is to enable us enough time to register the candidates with Chester University. We will then invite candidates to an induction on 18th May 2021 and the course will officially start on 7th June 2021.