GP Nursing Research: Expressions of Interest

November 4 2020

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Calling all nurses working in general practice!


GPN are a vital element of the changing NHS and community care landscape.

Practices have realised that their role has become integral and highly valued to closing a service gap left by a shortage of GPs.


However, that value has not been articulated, and no measurement framework has been put around their roles to evidence it.  It is understood that the public values their presence, but why:

  • What is it about them that is so special?
  • What is the effect on the patient, on the practice, and on the community?
  • How does that effect arise, and what could make them more effective?
  • How can opportunities for improvement within PCNs be identified and embraced ?
  • How can we best maintain and develop GPN-led services and support?


NHSE/I have commissioned Sonnet to perform a study on this value. Having successfully completed phase 1 they are requesting expressions of interest from individuals who would be keen to take part in phase 2. If your practice is interested in getting involved with this research, please contact Jim Clifford .


Please see the links below for more information about participating:

GP Nurses – NHSE and Sonnet – outline June 2020

Individuals’ consent form

Outline for participants

Sonnet Impact – GP Nurses – Participant Information – GP practices Phase 2 – v4

Sonnet Impact – GP Nurses – Participant Information – Individual professionals Phase 2 – v4

The Individuals’ Participants Pack for Phase 1