HEE Funded Education Opportunities – Genomics and Pharmacy

August 11 2020

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I’m sure you will have been hearing about the exciting development of the Genomics Alliances, and the opportunities for role that Pharmacy will be playing in these initiatives.

A patient’s genomic information can help to diagnose a condition, determine the chance of developing a condition in later life, or even inform the correct type of treatment. By becoming a tool in routine healthcare, genomics is likely to be encountered by a variety of healthcare professionals outside of specialist services and, as such, all NHS staff will need to have a working understanding of what this means for their practice and implications for patients.

Linking to this, I would like to bring to your attention the Health Education England funded education courses that are available to pharmacists.

Health Education England’s Genomics Education Programme (GEP) was founded to deliver and advise on learning and development opportunities to prepare the current and future NHS workforce to make the best use of genomics in their practice. The GEP has developed a range of free educational resources from films, podcasts, events, online courses, to more formal academic and training programs including the Master’s in Genomic Medicine, Post-graduate qualifications and CPD modules. Visit their website to learn more: These resources are suitable for a broad range of pharmacy team members. 

If you are specifically interested in the taught courses for your staff, these can be found here:

Even more specifically, you may find the Pharmacogenomics and Stratified Healthcare taught course particularly interesting as a development opportunity for some staff members: Within the South West region, this includes delivery at University of Exeter

Eligibility criteria for funded places requires that applicants are NHS health professionals working in England. More specific academic entry requirements may also apply, depending on the course and provider.

The HEE GEP are on Twitter and Facebook @genomicsedu and also have a regular newsletter that goes to those who wish to subscribe: