Nursing: Return to Practice

The Frimley region currently has 5 Return to Practice students, all attending the Return to Practice programme at Kingston University. Three of the students have secured placements at a GP practices within Surrey Heath and the other two students have placements at Frimley Park Hospital. All are very excited and enthusiastic about returning to nursing.


Kathryn and Hasina have shared their stories below. To hear more directly from people like you who are on the way back into nursing, and from those helping them get there, please click here.



Some of the Return to Practice students have also highlighted some of their experiences and advice below:

What would you say to someone thinking about returning to nursing?

“Go for it! I have been out of nursing for 12 years now and I have realised how much knowledge I still have. It doesn’t go away!”

“Returning to nursing is a privileged opportunity as you will already have the skills and experience to make a difference to someone’s life. ‘Once a nurse, always a nurse’.”

“I would personally recommend if someone has set their mind to return back to nursing, Come and join the team as we are all challenged we can fight and defeat it. The disease came to our world, we are the ones who have to face this pandemic.”


What drove or encouraged you to return to nursing?

“This is a great opportunity to do a short course and have the ability to do a placement in general practice to regain my professional registration along with advanced learning and the start of a master degree and will hopefully enable me to fulfil my ambition.”

“I always knew I would like to go back into nursing and now I feel that I am ready to embrace a new challenge, regain confidence and further my learning skills. I felt privileged being a key part of improving or saving someone’s life and contributing to society.”


If you are interested in the Return to Practice programme, please click here to find out more about available courses, or contact to get in touch.