Primary Care Leadership Espresso: Leading Hybrid Teams in Primary Care

June 9 2021

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Tuesday, 13th July: 9.30 – 11am
On Zoom

Leading in primary care is a daily juggling act, balancing the needs of your patient population with PCN-wide developments, plus a hybrid mix of some staff in the practice and others staff working from home.

This virtual workshop provides some protected ‘headspace’ and ‘thinking time’ for busy practice managers, primary care practitioners and other key primary care colleagues. You will be encouraged to consider thought-provoking ideas, share views, discuss issues with colleagues, reflect on your own practice, apply your learning to your own context and ask any questions you have.

What will be covered
During the session you will consider:

  • How do we model collaborative, inclusive leadership behaviour in the current context?
  • How do we create and sustain a climate of psychological safety in our work, whether face to face or virtual?
  • How do we keep and embed a sense of connection amongst our colleagues when we’re working with hybrid teams?

Please note efforts will always be made to build scope to tailor the session around the needs expressed on the day.

Who the session is for
This virtual event is for colleagues working in Primary Care who are NHS staff or staff delivering NHS funded care only.

If you work outside of Primary Care and have needs around leading hybrid teams, please register your interest for future leadership bite sized learning on this by emailing

You will need to complete around 30 minutes of pre-work prior to attending this session. This will give you some of the theoretical background to allow you to make best use of your time.

To register:
Reserve a place via the online Booking Form. Please select the event ‘Leading Hybrid Teams in Primary Care 13th July’

Closing Date: 5th July 2021

About the Facilitator:
The workshop will be facilitated by Dr Jeanne Hardacre, Founding Director of Impact4Health, which is a specialist leadership, OD and culture change consultancy. Among a wide range of NHS teams, Jeanne is supporting several primary care practices, PCNs and practice manager forums with their leadership in a virtual context. Further information can be found at

For any enquiries, please email