Redmoor-ELC Partnership – new webinar series

April 28 2021

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The Redmoor-ELC Partnership are delighted to invite you and your team to join an exciting new webinar series.

These webinars will be of interest to those involved in leading change and transformation at all levels of the NHS in relation to:

  • Workforce development in both primary and secondary care
  • Digitalised care; in particular digital or video consulting
  • Person-centred care
  • Primary care network and service development
  • Service transformation in both community and outpatient settings

The details of the webinars over the coming months are set out below. Follow the Eventbrite link to book your place. Places are limited so please book early

TUES 18 May 12.30 – 13.45

Spreading health innovations: what can we learn from the research?

This webinar brings together researchers leading the evaluation of health innovation spread from:

The London Business School; Professor Kamalini Ramdas

The University of Keele; Dr Andrew Finney

It compares and contrasts findings in their two seminal papers, published in NEJM and British Journal of General Practice respectively and will help participants explore what we can learn from the research about best practice in spreading video group clinics as an exemplar health innovation.Following the session, a ‘top tips’ paper will summarise the emerging critical success factors in supporting health innovation spread for system leaders.

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MON 14 June 12.30 – 13.45
Supporting the spread of video group clinics in 2020: lessons learnt from local and national programmes 

This webinar provides headspace for system leaders and commissioners to reflect on the learnings from 2020, using insights from the experiences of those who have spearheaded spread of video group clinics (VGCs) at national and local level. Jason Westwood (NHS England and Improvement) shares evaluation of the national programme and Zehra Safdar (South West London Training Hubs) and Sharon Lee (Kent and Medway Training Hubs) share their experiences of spreading VGCs through local programmes during Lockdown.  Following the session, a ‘top tips’ paper will summarise the lessons learnt.

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WED 14 July 12.30 – 13.45  
Person centred digital care: what is it and how can we support its development?

The principle of person centred care and personalisation is now well established in policy and practice and is critical to the future success and quality of NHS services. With COVID 19 forcing many services to move online, what does this mean for person centred practice development and what do system leaders need to do to support clinical teams and the personalised care workforce to make the shift successfully? This session brings together those who have been working to shift person-centred care and support online over the last 12 months and provides a safe space to share experiences and reflect together on:

  • The opportunities and challenges of delivering person centred digital care
  • What needs to happen to support the workforce to maintain person centred care in the virtual world

Following the session, we will produce a summary paper to support system leaders to plan to support person centred digital care in 2021 and beyond.

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WED 08 September 12.30 – 13.45  

Improving population health through person centred digital care

The principle and practice of population health management is now well established in policy and practice, and at both system and primary care network (PCN), understanding and responding to your population’s health needs is critical. It is critical to the future success and quality in the NHS care. Group clinics are emerging as a powerful tool to drive health improvement, with exemplars in both primary and specialist care emerging. There is already a strong evidence base (mainly evaluating face to face group clinics) to back up this way of working.

This session will bring together those who have applied group clinics and those focused on improving population health in a a safe space to share experiences and reflect together on:

  • The opportunities and challenges of using group clinic models to improve population health
  • What needs to happen to support teams to use population health data to inform group clinic model development


Following the session, we will produce a top tips paper to support the planning of group clinic models in the context of population health improvement


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