SCRIPT – Supporting Safer Prescribing Practices in Primary Care

November 4 2020

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The SCRIPT e-learning programme for the primary care workforce consists of a range of modules on topics relating to prescribing and medicines safety in the primary care setting.

Modules are categorised into four different areas:


  • Principles of prescribing
  • Prescribing in medical emergencies
  • Prescribing in special circumstances
  • Therapeutic groups

Each module takes from approximately 60 minutes to complete. All course materials have been authored by a team of expert healthcare professionals and are regularly reviewed and updated.


What are the benefits in using the SCRIPT e-learning programmes? 

  • Safer prescribing
    SCRIPT enhances knowledge and confidence in prescribing correctly, improving patient safety, therapeutics and medicines management.


  • Professional development
    Certificates are made available on completion of a module, which can be used for online learning portfolios as evidence of continuing professional development.


  • Flexible learning
    SCRIPT is easily accessible and intuitive to use, allowing users to complete modules at their convenience and refer back to modules at any time.


  • SCRIPT e-learning is free to those with an or email address


How do I access the e-learning?

You can access SCRIPT e-learning programmes by visiting the SCRIPT website at: