Supporting Mentors Scheme

November 5 2020

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Are you an experienced GP looking to give back and help build the future leaders of Primary Care Practice? Are you considering a portfolio career that includes mentoring? Now is your time to join the supporting mentors scheme!

The Supporting Mentors Scheme is a commitment made in the ‘Update to the GP Contract Agreement 2020/21 -2023/24’.  It is a scheme supported by national funding, aimed at supporting GPs through creating an opportunity to develop mentoring skills, and to work in a different way.

GP Mentors can use and share their experience to support GPs who are joining the workforce and beginning their career in general practice. Mentor GPs supported through this scheme will benefit from funded training, leading to a recognised mentoring qualification, which will equip them with the necessary skills to mentor and ‘give back’ to their GP colleagues.

Supplementary to the funded training, GP mentors will be entitled to financial reimbursement of £289 per session for the mentoring activity they conduct each week. This scheme is available to all GPs working in general practice who currently work at least three clinical sessions per week, are looking to undertake one additional session for such mentorship, and have the necessary skills, motivation and experience to be effective mentors. This is therefore a great opportunity for GPs seeking a partial step down before retirement.


Full details about the course are available here .

If you would like more information or to get involved, please contact Frimley Training Hub at .