Urgent Care for Paramedics – Injuries e-learning available

August 24 2021

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Health Education England and the College of Paramedics have worked in partnership to develop an Urgent Care for Paramedics – Injuries module, as part of the Paramedics e-learning programme. The module includes 10 e-learning sessions to support paramedics in dealing with a range of injuries.

E-learning sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • Ankle Injuries: aims to provide the underlying theory and assessment techniques to carry out these assessments effectively
  • Knee Injuries: aims to give the pre-hospital clinician a greater understanding of knee injuries and red flags which may indicate a serious injury requiring further assessment and treatment
  • Elbow Injuries: aims to provide the underlying theory and techniques to carry out these assessments effectively
  • Minor Head Injury: aims to develop a foundational underpinning knowledge surrounding history taking, physical assessment and management of patients presenting with minor head injuries in the out-of-hospital environment
  • Minor Neck Injury: This session is designed to equip paramedics with the knowledge and theory to safely manage minor neck trauma at the scene of a minor road traffic accident (RTC). There will also be an emphasis on good safety netting if the patient is safe to discharge

Each interactive session can be accessed on a variety of mobile devices and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

To register for this elearning module or for more information, please visit the Paramedics programme page.